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Clinical Director
Our Methodology
Clinical Supervisor
ABA Paraprofessional
The Clinical Director supervises all clinical supervisors on the team.  The Clinical Director is responsible for conducting the initial assessment and developing a comprehensive treatment plan in collaboration with the Clinical Supervisor and family. The Clinical Director has a master's degree, is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst(BCBA), and typically has more than 4 years' experience in the field of ABA.
ATS utilizes a variety of evidence-based ABA treatments. An extensive list of established treatments for individuals with autism can be found in the Finding and Conclusions from the National Autism Center's National Standards Project
Clinical Supervisors help develop and manage ABA programs under the supervision of the clinical director.  Supervisors work directly with the paraprofessional to ensure that quality service is being provided.  Supervisors have a BA in psychology or a related field, and 1 or more years experience in the field of ABA. ​ Many of our clinical supervisors hold a masters degree and are enrolled in a BCBA program.
Paraprofessionals provide direct ABA therapy to the client,  in collaboration and with oversight of the clinical leadership team.   ABA Paraprofessionals should have some college units (bachelor's degree preferred) and experience working with children. 
Staff Structure: